Information about NITROX-Membrane System with high-pressure compressor operators‘ training

Target group:
Participants from the scuba sector.
Persons who use or are interested in a NITROX MEMBRANE high pressure filling
system, and who want to operate it competently and safely, e.g. compressor
managers, dive shop employees, persons to be entrusted with operating the
system or users who want to be authorized to fill Nitrox cylinders.
successful completion of the compressor technology BASIC training.

The training is designed to be manufacturer-independent.

Basic function of operating the system
Safety regulations in accordance with technical rules for gases, industrial safety
regulations and breathing air standard DIN / EN 12021-2014 compressor control, air
quality monitoring
Accident prevention regulations,
Special features when dealing with O2.
Ordering spare parts and consumables Dealing with maintenance and installation
instructions What to do in the event of malfunctions and how to remedy them

Successful completion of this training enables you to competently operate and/or
service filling system.
Upon successful completion the participants receive a certificate (valid for 3 years).

1 day

Number of participants:
During ongoing Covid 19 restrictions 7 people

Compressed Air Solutions
Geigelsteinstrasse 10
83080 Oberaudorf/Germany

10.00 am – ca.3.30 pm

22. October 2022 or by arrangement

Online registration or by mail:

Course fee:
EUR 150,00

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