World-class consultation expertise – for breathing-air filling systems, high-pressure compressor stations, breathing apparatus workshop equipment, for fire brigades, rescue organisations, hospitals, police, military, industry, on- and offshore, and for clubs.

Whether it’s about optimizing an existing plant or planning a new tailor-made system: KOMPPLAN customers benefit from the consultation and analysing expertise we acquired over decades working with systems from various globally acting compressor manufacturers.

With our proprietary analysis methods, which take account of all relevant standards, in particular DIN EN 12021-2014, and experienced eyes for the needs of all kinds of industries, our engineers create future-proof, economical and eco-sensitive solutions tailored to your needs.



We understand your needs

Each company is different. Therefore we first prepare an exact requirement profile for each of your application cases.

Your individual requirements – the optimum meets your needs precisely

Your new high-pressure compressor and filling station must be as individual as your operational requirements. Our profound knowledge of different industries enables us to look and listen very carefully and ask the right questions to find answers that best serve you – whether you want to produce breathing-air or compressed air for medical or industrial applications. Together with you we collect all relevant parameters regarding production and general set-up.

Some of which are:
Air-quality: Do you need compressed air for industrial use, breathing-air in compliance with DIN EN 12021-2014, air according to Pharmacopoeia, or air according to cleanroom standard 0 of ISO 8573-1?
Existing components: Which compressors and installations do you have? What types of controls exist? What kind of piping?
Installation site: Conduction of fresh, recirculated and exhaust air? Floor space? Indoor climate? Power supply?


Analysis of air-quality and ambient conditions

On site we determine the quality of intake air and the ambient conditions by means of computer aided infrared spectroscopy in order to determine the optimal installation site for your compressor system and which configuration best suits your requirements.

This of course includes state-of-the-art monitoring technology to ensure that the provisions of the relevant standards, in particular DIN EN 12021-2014 and DIN ISO 7376-1/2007, are being met.


KOMPPLAN determination of requirements and power management system

Together with you our experts precisely determine the actual requirements, taking account of different utilization scenarios and your plans for the future in all parts of your business. Based on the collected data and information we plan your compressor system with appropriate output characteristics and the best eco-friendly, energy saving configuration possible.

Evaluation of output and energy requirements – detection of hidden costs and cost-saving opportunities

We reveal the weak spots in your current system and find oversized installations. We establish a basis for the next step towards an optimal compressed-air station, i.e. calculating the potential for energy savings. We can take account of all kinds of framework conditions – no matter whether you want a completely new system or only an efficiency evaluation of your current system.


The tailor-made compressor and filling station

Finishing in: your compressed-air future begins …

Based on the requirements analysis and a safety and hazard analysis KOMPPLAN recommends, plans and realises the compressor station of the most economical type and configuration for you.

The benefits of our systematic planning and consulting will last a long time.

Thanks to our immense industry and project experience we can see things from your perspective.
Our cooperation with one of the leading manufacturers and the only ‘compressor manufactory’ (IDE Compressors Manufaktur GmbH) ensures that you get a truly suitable solution that also leaves all options open for the future.

Already at the very beginning of the planning phase we develop a tailor-made safety concept to ensure utmost security of supply and operational safety.
After commissioning, if requested, KOMPPLAN pros can ensure a long-lasting, highly efficient operation of the system – including 24/7 service and latest spare parts logistics.