„Of course trainings cost money. You can invest your money in machinery, cars
or real estate.
And… you can also invest in something with lasting benefits and immediate
profit: your own knowledge and skills!”

  • Trainings

    KOMPPLAN compressor workshops are necessary and useful, especially if you want to ensure the safe operation and proper handling of your compressor system. These workshops may even be compulsory for certain diver’s certificates or for fulfilling legal provisions.
    At large filling stations and diving centers failure of a compressor or filling contaminated air due to inadequate or inexpert maintenance usually causes considerable losses in both image and finances. This can only be prevented by profound technical knowledge and proper handling of the compressor system.
    Compressors are no overly complicated constructions – the basic knowledge taught at our workshops should be well sufficient to properly operate your compressor and carry out the most important maintenance work and minor repairs.

  • Why high-pressure compressor workshops?

    Breathing-air, clean and pure in compliance with DIN EN 12021:2014 (formerly DIN 3188) is a major prerequisite for safe diving. To ensure this, two essential requirements must be met: a filling station in compliance with strict technical regulations and proper operation. Above all, all relevant safety requirements must be observed strictly and thoroughly. Inexpert operation and subsequent failure of the compressor not only costs money, but also poses a risk of injury to personnel and divers.
    The skills you will learn during the practical parts of the workshops and the technical knowledge from the theory parts will help you to operate and maintain a compressor system safely, competently, and in compliance with the relevant regulations.
    As a commercial operator of a compressor and / or a filling plant, they require proof of competence for the operation of the plant, as required by the operational safety ordinance. As soon as a donation to others takes place, an approval by the responsible authority is necessary!
    This seminar gives you legal certainty regarding liability risks in the operation of filling systems. The know-how conveyed in our seminars for the operation of a compressor system for breathing air is based on the requirements of the Industrial Safety Ordinance (BetrSichV 2015) and the corresponding Technical Rules (TR 401), as well as the PED 2014/68/EU.

    The theory part explains facts and functions of the compressor, as well as the legal provisions pertaining to the operation of a filling station for breathing-air. Knowledge of these provisions is indispensable for all operators and will therefore be an important focus in our workshops. In the practical part we will teach you how to carry out maintenance work that the manufacturer scheduled to be done by the operator, and the necessary skills and knowledge to do minor repairs in consultation with the manufacturer.