for filling Beathing Air Cylinders


Extensive filling ramp program in powder-coated sheet steel case equipped with unique state of the art technology in modular concept.
Alternatively for inflating tubes or direct connection 225 and/or 330 bar with high-quality manometers class 1,0 glyzerine filled without air bubble. Stainless-steel tilting-lever valve with automatic super silent vent and optional flow rate limiters for additional safety to reduce temperature while filling composite tanks.

IDE Filling Panels for comfortable, safe and secure filling of pressure vessels like breathing air and scuba cylinders.
Made of high strength popwdercoated steel or optional made from Stainless steel, additonally powder‐coated and completely closed.
This means that IDE filler strips are ideal for use on ships or diving centers by the sea and in tropical areas with extreme humidity.
The filling panels are part of the IDE filling systems, consistng of a compressor, one or more oponal (sets of) storage tanks and priority filling controls.
The basic version is designed for wall mounting; with some compressors, it can also be installed onto the compressor.
For safety reasons and in consideration of labor‐law provisions, IDE advise to in-stall the filling panel in a separate room, from where the compressor and other components of the filling system can be remote‐controlled.