Fill Save 600

Safety containment fill station

The new FILL-SAVE 600 safety filling station ensures maximum safety for operator and filling personnel. After several accidents with bursting pressure vessels while filling, many countries already introduced standards or an obligation to install explosion protection in filling systems.

The IDE safety filling station FILL-SAVE 600 for up to 6 pressure vessels is equipped with hydraulically supported safety doors. It is made of high-strength “double-layer” special steel. During filling it provides maximum protection against bursting or exploding pressure vessels, hoses and consequently flying pieces and fragments.


Optionally, FILL-SAVE can be equipped with a system to simultaneously fill cylinders with 200 and 300 bar. Once the desired filling pressure is reached, the system automatically stops the filling process and closes air supply.
Because most accidents with pressure cylinders happen while handling the cylinders, we put the main focus for our 2nd generation filling box on minimizing the required handling. Now, with the cylinders’ horizontal position in the filling box it is much easier to connect them to the safety filling valves.
In case a cylinder bursts the released compressed air will be safely channeled upwards through an air duct.
The filling valves automatically vent and are equipped with safety filling pipes, Flow-Stop and the IDE HCS hose breakage protection. With upstream storage tanks the automatic flow restriction ensures a safe filling rate and optimal increase in pressure of approximately 17-22 bar per minute to prevent overheating of the pressure vessels.
The hydraulically supported door can be easily opened and closed. An SBS microprocessor control system controls the complete filling process. All of this ensures an easy and comfortable operation and at the same time prevents faulty operation and accidents during loading and unloading the filling box. FILL-SAVE can be connected directly to the compressor and be used as a remote control for the system. It can also be supplied from a storage tank, optionally with IDE PRIORITY-FILL and/or Clever Fill.
The box was certified by the approved inspection body of DEKRA and tested with a bursting pressure of 306 bar in compliance with European provisions (not as usual following US-American standards that, strictly speaking, have no legal force in Europe).
The established maximum operating pressure is 420 bar.