Airscrubber CO2 Absorber

Efficient cleaning of the breathing air from CO2

The air drawn in by the compressor is passed through the AIRSCRUBBER, thereby absorbing about 70 – 75% of the CO2 contained in the air.
In this way, the CO2 content is reduced to about one third to one quarter of the value of the intake air – far below the strict limits of DIN EN 12021: 2014 as long as the maximum input concentration is not exceeded .
Without much effort, the AIRSCRUBBER is mounted in the intake hose or intake pipe of the compressor in just a few steps and you are ready to go.
Especially recommended for cleaning and filtering out CO2 from the finished Nitrox mixture after a Nitrox membrane system.
Also when using a Nitrox membrane system IDE MG 300/500 or any other membrane system, the AIRSCRUBBER is integrated into the suction hose of the high pressure compressor without much effort. This way the NITROX produced by the NITROX membrane system is led through the AIRSCRUBBER and the CO2 contained in the Nitrox is absorbed as far as possible.


Extremely inexpensive to purchase and economical to operate!

The AIRSCRUBBER’s housing is transparent, so it is easy to recognize the saturation of the absorber material and to change it in time. The material changes color from beige to purple with increasing saturation. If the Airscrubber is discolored over the entire length or the CO2 values exceed the standard values from DIN 12021:2014, the absorber material must be replaced.
In general, the absorber material should be changed after one and a half years at the latest.
Easy to handle and completely maintenance-free except for changing the absorber material
The absorber material can be changed in no time without any effort.

Technical data:

  • CO2 input concentration: max. 1000 ppmv CO2
  • CO2 output concentration: approx. 25 – 35 % of input concentration = max. 350 ppmv CO2 at 1000 ppmv input concentration
  • Rel. humidity of intake air: 10 to 100 %.
  • Ambient and inlet air temperature: +5 to +45 °C
  • Air flow rate: 100 – 1000 l/min
  • Service life: maximum 1.5 years
  • Dimensions: L x W 73 x 23 cm Weight 8,5 kg. inlet and outlet connection 63 mm
  • suitable connection hoses have to be ordered separately
  • Scope of delivery: AIRSCRUBBER, holder set with rubber insert, fixing material – hose clamps